Change CheckBox size

Background: By default, checkboxes that select/deselect options on your phone are quite small. I wear glasses that often fog up when entering a store or restaurant (which was exacerbated by a mask during the pandemic), and found myself blindly tapping the screen of my shopping App to check off the bananas I just put in my grocery cart. To fix this issue I changed the size of the checkboxes in my App.

The Code: Open the XML file for your activity or fragment. Scroll to your checkbox element and add the following just before the ending /> tag to increase the size of the checkbox by 50%:


By RicksIslander

Old school programmer (started way back with FORTRAN - on punch cards!). Most of my prior coding has been Web and Windows-based (Javascript, C#, ASP.Net). Java and the Android O/S are totally new to me, so I'm a beginner here too. Let's explore this stuff together.

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